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30 Dec

Many times,  using your device's microphone is necessary, and therefore ensuring your mics stability and functioning is a great habit. The quick and easy option is to test your microphone using online tools available on the app store. There are a lot of useful articles to learn more about online testing tools. This article is one of them. We come with the helping hand for you, with online mic test tools lists, to carry a mic test of your device.

Yet, there are situations when the microphone is essential. For example, in online meetings, Skype video calling, online games, personal or business conference via all kinds of dedicated apps, online seminars, online classes, network workshops, and so on.

And there’s nothing more irritating than going online for such an event and discovering out that your microphone is not working. So testing it beforehand would be better to make sure that it works.

You can arrange a quick test for your microphone either using the default testing alternatives in Windows 10 or using online applications.

None of the tests require downloading third-party apps. They are free, quick, and, easy to use. Also, some of them grant additional features and benefits.

Test microphone online with these tools  

The most straightforward mic testing online tool allows you to check your microphone functionality accurately. An online tool with no need for third party extension or software. Simple, quick, and user-friendly tool as it does not require pro training to use it. Any beginner with no idea can learn using the app easily, through the guidance mentioned on the official Website. Here is the basic idea about accessing the tool. 

Step 1Open the browser on your desktop and browse to 

Step 2: On the page a popup window will appear asking you to Allow to use your microphone. Simply Allow it.

Step 3: Start chanting and see if waves are forming on the screen. It means your microphone is working well. 

Step 4: straight line will appear if your microphone is detected not to be working. The display will show no waves forming. 

After successful testing, it will provide you useful information related to your mic, noise suppression, and audio channels. The tool will hand you a solution regarded to troubleshooting mics. 

Additional features like auto silence trimming (picking silent voice fragments) make it stand apart from any other tools. The great service I personally like about it that they care about your privacy. So guarantee it 100%. 

 => Try 

Online Mic test tools

Online Mic Test

Online Mic Test is a simple testing app in which you just need to click the Play icon, start recording sound, and then listen to the recording. 

Before using it, grant the tool to use your microphone--the first step needs to take. Namely, when you click the Play button, a small window will rise in the upper-left corner of your browser, asking permission. Simply press Allow

If you block permission, you will be unable to carry the test. If you decline permission by mistake, just refresh the page and repeat the process.

With this online mic tester tool, you can take similar tests for your webcam, keyboard, or mouse, by going to the Tools menu.


The recording process is similar to the above tool with  You simply click the Test mic Button, grant permission to the site to use your microphone, then start speaking.

Besides just testing the mic, the app also displays a lot of technical data such as its name, number of audio channels, sample rate, sample size, and latency.

You can store all this information by submitting a review of your mic. To review mic, you will find the form to the right of the page. Fill the form and click to submit. You will get a unique sharable URL.

The app will present troubleshooting options to fix the issue after it detects a problem with the mic.

Mic tester online

Online Voice Recorder

Unlike the previous online tools, this app arrives with some useful characteristics. 

  1. After permitting it to use the microphone, click the red button to start recording. 
  2. It allows you to pause and resume recording anytime if you desire. The tool will not cut your recorded voice into a two-piece. 
  3. After you finished recording, push the Stop button.
  4. Store your recording by pressing the same name button icon to the left of the page. The process will automatically start downloading the selected sample on your device. 
  5. The tool will present the complete recording on the screen. From here, you can listen to your recording on the spot if you want to. 
  6. Its additional features provide you various customization options. You can crop or cut the recording, keeping the needed sample just by moving the sidebars. 
  7. By clicking Save again, you will be able to download the edited sample. 


SpeakPipe is another web test microphone free online voice recorder. "Perfect" word is very suitable to review this application.  The tool is friendly for all OS like Windows, Android as well as iOS devices. 

The testing steps are similar: Run the tool online >>Allow the permission to access the microphone>>Start recording talks>>Listen to the received results. 

It too allows you to save the recorded file in the SpeakPipe cloud server. You will get a link to land on your saved sample. The stored file can also be shared via email or use on the web. But at first, you need to sign in or sign up to access this feature. 

Additionally, you can save the recording in the SpeakPipe cloud server,  and get a link to it, so you can send it via email or use it on the web. For this feature, you will also have to sign up/sign in to the app.


Vidyard provides a free microphone testing engine designed for everyone's use. Especially online video platforms for businesses and organizations. No need to sign in or create an account to use it.

Its features allow you to record something you want to and save the file in your browser to listen for it. The platform is also on-hand with a similar webcam testing tool.

Vidyard Mic Tester

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Possibly you don’t use your device’s microphone daily. And perhaps you previously listened to the stories about your conversations being listened to by most applications, as you allow them permission to access your camera, mic, and location. But we mentioned the tool that requires no third-party extensions, so useful for you.

Try each tool and carry the test of your microphone. If you find an issue in your mic and the urgent job is pending, then try different applications available on the app market. This will help you to turn your smartphone into a Microphone to use in an emergency.

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